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Welcome to ExtendTimeTM

Advanced Time and Attendance solutions
for the workplace

ExtendTimeTM is a time and attendance solution that enables immediate collection and retrieval of time information for payroll processing. In addition to being web based, ExtendTimeTM allows many other input devices such as IP phones, swipes, Integrated voices response equipment, card punches and hand punches to enter information into its robust data base. It automates a company's data collection process providing extended reporting capabilities that decreases the time needed to process payroll tasks and reduces error rates. ExtendTimeTM reduces Human Resource inquiries, since it allows users to quickly query their time and attendance information online.

ExtendTimeTM is quite unique in that it allows low cost IP phones from Cisco and Avaya to be used instead of expensive punch clocks. This means that ExtendTimeTM truly revolutionizes the way organizations manage daily time and attendance chores.

What we do?

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  • With ExtendTimeTM, employees can clock in and out, receive text messages, view accrued benefits and work schedules and transfer work hours between departments and... (read more)
  • We at ExtendTimeTM revolutionize the way that you manage your daily time and attendance... (read more).
  • We provide a hosted or licensed solution for all your Time & Attendance needs.